The Average Joe No More Podcast was created to continue my passion in learning as much as I can about everything and anything that I'm interested in.  The podcast covers everything from fitness, business, music, therapy and more.  Most podcasts are interview style podcasts with local influencers in the San Diego and Southern California area.  A few freeform podcasts are also recorded between interviews.

Average Joe No More Podcast

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Episode 2: Hannah Bronson

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Hannah is the Board Certified Music Therapist who works with the military. Hannah is a graduate of the MusicWorx Music Therapy internship in San Diego California and has worked with many populations all over the United States.

Release Date: February 23nd, 2018

Episode 1: Jim Simcoe


Jim is a author, speaker entrepreneur, father, coach and founder of the Hero Up Summit. Jim's book "Hero Up" leads readers to unleash their inner hero and make their lives "f*ing epic."

Release Date: February 20, 2018

Episode 0: Introduction