Your "Web Guy" is Ripping You Off!


How much are you paying for someone else to control your web presence?

Is it hundreds of dollars? Thousands of dollars? Is it a one off payment? Is it multiple payments per year?

Imagine if you could put a majority of that money into equipment or training your business need that could garner more revenue.

My father's plumbing, heating, and service company was spending close to two-thousand dollars a month with a local web development company. He is now using that money to pay himself and his employees more!


Do you even know what your web developer is doing for you?

Did you hire a web developer or company because you know that in today's world you need a website, social media, and web presence but thought it would be impossible to do it yourself or too challenging to have one of your employees do it?

The truth is that is an easy process as long as you have all the tools laid out or you have a professional teach you. Your web developer would teach you but that would mean they would be out of recurring revenue.

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