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My Web Presence Story

While creating my wedding entertainment company, Diamond Entertainment, I had a problem many small business owners have. I had big ideas and not much extra cash to pay someone to create a website, run ads, and run social media for me. I then decided to take on the project myself thinking this would take me months and months to create a website that would get me results. I was totally wrong!  Within less than a week I created a website that clients were coming to and interacting with. Another month of youtube videos and google searches later I had a website that I find to be one of the best in my industry. A month after that and I was running facebook and instagram ads, and had automated posts set up on multiple social media outlets.  Most importantly I created and am managing all of these outlets for less than $1000 a year!

How much are you paying your web guy?

Fast-forward a few months and my dad, who owns a plumbing business, was asking me who created my website. He was blown away when I told him it was me. He then explained to me that he was paying a local company almost $2,000 a month to create and "manage" his website. I told him to cancel his contract and created his company a new website (see before and after below) and most importantly taught his employees how to run the website and create new content. After this experience I reached out to other local businesses to find out many of them were being swindled the exact same way by website management companies.  All of them were blown away when I told them they can easily create a manage their web presence with the right tools.



Take Back Your Web Presence!

Overall from these experiences I've learned that most business do not need companies or people to manage their web presence. They can do it themselves! However, with the right tools you can go from completing a new website, creating and automating social media, running effective ads, and teaching your team how to run everything in weeks instead of months.  This is where I can come in to help. I am currently completing an online video series which will cover how to create your website, how to accept online payments, how to start your social media, how to automate your posts on multiple social media platforms, and how to run ads on facebook and instagram. If you need immediate help click below to see how I can personally help you through web presence coaching calls!